Automotive collectors and daily drivers are constantly on the lookout for ways to protect their cars, trucks and SUVs from wear and tear. Many people focus on ceramic coating methods to shield exterior paints, but there are special treatments for other parts of your vehicle, too — including the glass. Whether you frequently drive in inclement weather or are tired of insects splattering on your vehicle windows, ceramic glass coatings for cars are a proactive way to reduce cleaning time and improve visibility.

Magic Touch Auto Spa is based out of Tampa, Florida, and we cater to our customers with original products that keep them on the road for years to come. We perform Glass Ceramic  Coating installations at our Tampa Facility, and we cover our services with impressive warranties. Speak to one of our detail specialists about a coatings suitable for windows from all automakers.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating Windshields

Rain, dirt and bugs can interfere with your ability to see behind the wheel. Ceramic glass coatings provide you with a layer between the outdoor elements and your windshield.

Our ceramic windshield coating services near Tampa, Flordia involve using Si02 and Ti02 materials to protect your windshield. 

We layer an invisible coating across front and rear windows for the following benefits:  

Hydrophobic qualities: Magic Touch Auto Spa glass coating services make windshields water-resistant. Rain and snow are unable to stick to surfaces for optimum visibility.
Quick cleaning: Our windshield coating services make it hard for tree sap, pollen and grime to stick. Wipe surfaces clean with minimal effort.
Protection from scratches: Select Magic Touch Auto Spa products last upward of seven years. Exterior ceramic coatings add a layer of protection that reduces the chance of damage from hail, heavy winds and rocks.
Maximum clarity: Our glass coating products leave zero streaks and are completely transparent when installed by our professionals.

Our Glass Coating Process

Magic Touch Auto Spa follows a multi-step process for glass coating services in Tampa, Florida. For the best results, we start with a thorough cleaning of glass surfaces to lift particles of dirt and other contaminants.

This process includes a pre-rinse, a hand wash foam bath, a follow-up rinse and a clay bar treatment based on the condition of the windshield. All ceramic windshield coatings are applied once glass surfaces are completely dry.

We’ll gather details about the age of your vehicle and the status of the windshield to recommend the best treatment plan for your needs. Rest assured knowing we complete all Tampa windshield coating projects in a controlled indoor environment for accuracy.

We apply our original ceramic coating products using microfiber cloths, and our specialists wipe additional residues from the glass before allowing the solutions to cure. 

 We can also coat multiple sections of your vehicle during the same appointment. Our ceramic coating services extend to exterior paints,wheels and even interior surfaces. 

Contact Us for Windshield Coating Services in Tampa, Florida

Customer satisfaction is at the root of everything we do at Magic Touch Auto Spa.  From vehicle doors and hoods to windows, we’ve been completing ceramic coating jobs large and small for over five years.

Magic Touch Auto Spa offers flexible appointment scheduling, and select services can be finished in 24 hours to suit your busy lifestyle. Ready to correct, perfect and protect your vehicle? Contact us to learn more. You can also submit a form to get a free estimate today!